These are the keywords that will guide you when you start drawing.

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And of course, it will be a combination of the two that will be the best solution for a third company. when creating a logo how and where will the logo be used? Should different versions of the same logo be created for different materials? Is it possible to extract an element from the wordmark to use as a standalone icon or avatar? Is there a specific story behind the brand that can be represented by a symbol? Take a look at this article on the different types of logos to find out everything you need to know about the subject. word mark Playful and fun typographic logo design by Mky abstract logo mark Simple and abstract typographic logo design by Studio Mast monogram Clear and legible monogram made by Pentagram Debrief with the client As a designer, you must master the communication between your clients and yourself.


Engage in productive conversations with photo retouching service your clients and send them a brief to fill out or set up a meeting to agree on project details. Either way, your job is to ask all the questions you might need about the company (its history, ambitions, goals, and style). This can take a while, as some customers don’t really know what they want, and it’s your job to try to figure it out by asking the right questions. If you’ve done well and paid attention to your client’s responses to you, you should be able to come up with a fairly substantial list of keywords to describe the brand. This list will only serve you, so there is no need to spend time making it aesthetically beautiful. Just jot down everything that comes to mind when you think about the project in question.


A list of keywords made by designer Mky List of keywords made by Mky Do some research before jumping into logo sketching Finally, we come to the most fun part the moodboards. Your moodboard will depend heavily on the list of keywords you just created, and depending on how many possible directions you’ve agreed on with your client, you might create one or two. If you’re not sure what a moodboard is, it’s a collection of images that clearly show a graphic directio You can include images of people, colors, plants, interior architecture, logos, illustrations, patterns, books… In short, anything that will help you visually show the graphic style towards which you are heading to create the logo in question. There are many places to search Google Images , Pinterest , Design Inspiration or Unsplash , for example, but you can also find ideas in books or even on the street equipped with your camera.