The Importance of Integrating Email and Crm

Updated on 28.09.2022 in IT
0 on 28.09.2022

f you are a salesperson you must have a busy email inbox. That’s where the conversations, negotiations, prospects and everything needed to turn contacts into sales are. That’s where the gold of your business lives. The problem is that dealing with a large flow of emails, replies and forwards ends up creating a huge difficulty. In a short time, communication ends up being crossed and details going blank. Not to mention the lost information that stays outside your CRM, creating inconvenience and harming opportunities. But do not need be like that. It is possible to create a completely automated and bottleneck-free communication. Information synchronized from one side to the other, with no loss to either side.

By integrating your email with a CRM solution we are talking about a great resource saving. The time that used to be used to organize information and align it in one place can now be used to sell, without worrying about transferring data and conversations from one side to the other. Subscribe to moskit newsletter In to gaining practical time to invest in activities that will Whatsapp Mobile Number List bring a return, salespeople’s response time becomes shorter, radically increasing customer satisfaction. Thus, it is possible to deliver a quick and efficient response, transporting consolidated information from all previous calls. Another time-consuming factor is switching between different windows and systems in order to find information that will be sent to the client.

That’s why it’s essential to synchronize contacts email CRM and appointment book in one place, avoiding cross conversations and loss of details that can cause embarrassment during the sale. The fact is that in addition to the practical factors, using several separate systems is a great demotivator for any professional. Rather than quickly digging through the customer’s communication history and contact information, having to wade through an extensive email exchange to find what they need makes anyone want to leave the activity for later. The result is missed deadlines, lost sales and dissatisfied customers.