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As for the generation of leads, if we have managed to generate a lead with a “Top Of The Funnel – TOFU” content, surely we have already achieved a first step towards making ourselves known, that the user knows that we exist. It’s enough? Not necessarily. We have to aspire to more and make the user know that we exist but also know what we are good at, what we are positioned in the market, what solution we bring to the world. Therefore, all this will have to be communicated with several campaigns.

Interest Phase We must manage to generate interest in the user for our product or service . If we have done the previous homework we should know C Level Executive List who our buyer persona is, what problems they usually face in their work and how our solution can make their life easier. You have to address the user’s «pain points» to generate that «reasonable doubt», that: » let me take a look at this, it looks good.

And we can achieve this with a good strategy and with many campaigns! 3. Consideration Phase If we continue to do the job well, we will make the user go from showing interest in our product to reaching that moment when they consider, even for a few moments, saying: » Hey, my company could use this solution very well » . Perhaps at this stage the user comes to the conclusion that he needs to adopt a solution in his company to improve the management of certain aspects, but he is still not sure that we are the best option.