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Logically speaking, you need to deliver your message India Phone Number List to as many people as possible in order to attract customer to sustain your business. However, India Phone Number List unless it translates in value to your business, collecting email addresses from everyone and everywhere will not yield success. When you are communicating with a lot of people, you need to be able to identify the valuable opportunities so India Phone Number List that you can focus on them and avoid wasting time collecting information that will not yield in value.

In short, the difference between a «connection» and a India Phone Number List «valuable connection» is simply whether you are able to extend the communication after the first India Phone Number List connection in such a way that is likely to translate in sales. Below are some questions that you should ask yourself to determine whether you should spend time collecting information. If your answer is «yes» to all of the questions, India Phone Number List it is a valuable connection.

1. Is the location where you collect the information India Phone Number List contributive to establish a relationship? For instance, one will perceive more positively to sign up for a India Phone Number List financial planner’s email list when visiting a bank than when being confronted the same decision during a concert intermission with a group of friends. So, putting an email sign-up list on the counter of all banks is likely to produce valuable India Phone Number List connection for the financial planner than placing a sign-up card at all concert venues.