How to Maintain and Develop Your Business in Times of Coronavirus Crisis

Updated on 01.10.2022 in Технологии
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Attack humanitarian disaster movement of yellow vests and, now, the coronavirus… so many periods of “crisis” which have commercial and economic consequences in the more or less long term. For merchants in particular, a question arises: is the impact of these crisis situations the same for e-commerce and physical commerce? Whether tragic (attacks, humanitarian or natural disaster), social (election periods, social movement, etc.) or cultural (sporting competitions, etc.), major media events have a short-term impact on e-traffic . Shops. Under the influence of emotion, cybershoppers tend to abandon online sales sites to go to social networks and news sites in order to follow events in real time.

In the event of a tragic event the repercussions extend to the longer term . After the charlie hebdo, november 13 or nice attacks, frightened consumers were less inclined to leave their homes, go to the store, do outdoor activities or travel. Physical shops, hotels and restaurants have thus suffered the brunt of this phenomenon, which has Whatsapp phone number list resulted in a drop in attendance and, as a ripple effect, a drop in sales or reservations. With the coronavirus , it is yet another completely new situation that companies, self-employed or craftsmen have to face. With the country at a standstill and so-called «non-essential» businesses being forced to lower the curtain.

We can assume that consumers will have no choice but to hide on the web to make their purchases and, above all , that they will have more time to do so. Will a phenomenon of shifting sales from traditional stores to the internet occur? Could e-commerce then be the big «winner» of the coronavirus and other periods of crisis? While the web represents a viable opportunity to stay afloat for locally-based businesses, it’s not so straightforward. In order to see more clearly, let’s take a look at the repercussions on trade that the main «crisis» situations of recent years have had (attacks, movements of yellow vests).