How to find a good yacht designer

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Are you looking for a yacht designer, but you don’t know how and where to find valid figures for your company? Have you already tried to post an ad on Linkedin, Monster and Infojobs, but in addition to having spent time screening your CVs and not having found the person you were looking for, have you activated any external supplier without satisfactory results? You are reading the right article… read how Ricercaamy supports and supports naval design studios, construction sites, research institutes and surveillance bodies in the search and selection of specialized profiles.

The Yacht designer: who is he?

The yacht designer or nautical designer is a professional figure who works in the field of boat design, creating the technical Brazil Phone Number drawings of the different elements and participating in the estimate of the cost of both the individual parts and the product as a whole. It is a job very similar to that of the interior designer, but unlike the latter, he must have a solid background in naval design and engineering.

What does a Yacht Designer do?

Naval or nautical design belongs to that branch of design that designs yachts (pleasure boats) and ships. There are several materials that make up yacht design, among which we can point out: naval architecture, ship statics, shipbuilding and systems. The professional’s preparation is very broad as it involves aspects related to technique and safety as well as to aesthetic and decorative taste. The technical aspects concern the design part of the hull, the division of its interior spaces, the choice of sailing or motor propulsion and the choice of materials (wood, fiberglass and aluminum).

The main objective is the satisfaction of the client’s interests, taking into account various technical, legal, bureaucratic and financial aspects, without neglecting the quality of the finished product. Compliance with regulations, often rigorous and stringent, both in terms of safety and in terms of reducing atmospheric emissions, highlights how the designer’s work is particularly complex and forms an integrated system made up of very different elements.