23 Best Webinar Software Free & Paid in 2022

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Personally I love Riverside especially when it comes to the high-quality format in which speakers are captured during a webinar. They provide awesome and easy to use webinar recording software that you can access right from your browser. With both local recording (up to 4K) and unparalleled audio quality, they are the platform to consider. Overall I recommend them as the webinar software. Rating: 9.3 / 10 Best for: A holistic solution Price: $7.5/mo — $24/mo Annual Discount: Yes — Save 21%. Try Riverside -> Riverside is great software for large companies that want to host webinars. It offers many features, such as the ability to record webinars with clear, uncompressed audio, locally recorded at 48 kHz WAV. With their Magic Editor, you can edit your material and streamline it into well-structured webinars.

Riverside’s editor aggregates all recordings locally but simultaneously separates the audio and video channels so you can access them independently when Country Email List editing. Invite your visitors to register any event, anytime and anywhere. It is simple to start recording in seconds, making it very easy to use software in different scenarios. Thanks to the transcripts available for your webinars, you will be able to follow the progress of the event if necessary. This will make your audience feel like they’re having a more complete experience. You can also use this feature to quickly find a specific moment in the recording without having to scroll through minutes or hours of video.

Simultaneously broadcast your interview on Facebook Twitch Youtube LinkedIn and other channels when you want to share it with others. You’ll be able to ask your guests to react on these different channels while you’re live, letting you know what they think of your webinar discussion. With the ability to have up to eight guests on your webinar, your audience will enjoy a more personal and interactive experience each time they tune in. main Features Attendees can easily confirm their participation in your webinar by opening a link in their iOS app or Chrome web browser. Share the recording live with others during or after the webinar, which means your guests can watch it later if they can’t make it to the webinar on time.